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Update the Graduate education details of my resume.
1 Sept '06-Present — Master's of Computing Science, [Simon Fraser University](http://www.sfu.ca/), Burnaby, B.C.
3 * supervisor: [Jiangchuan Liu](http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~jcliu/)
4 * group: [Multimedia and Wireless Netowrking](http://netsg.cs.sfu.ca/)
5 * studying networking, in particual peer-to-peer networking and video streaming
6 * cumulative GPA of 4.13
8 ----
10 I began work on a Master's in Computing Science (thesis option) at Simon Fraser University in
11 September of 2006. This is a change from my [[undergraduate work|Undergrad]], in which my major
12 was in Physics, though I did minor in Computing Science.
14 I chose Networking as the main area for my research, and further decided to focus on
15 peer-to-peer networking. This has led me to choose Dr. Jiangchuan Liu as my supervisor, as he has
16 contributed a lot of reasearch in this area, including the introduction of
17 [CoolStreaming](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CoolStreaming).
19 My work is partially funded by an
20 [NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship M](http://www.nserc.ca/sf_e.asp?nav=sfnav&lbi=2a),
21 which I was awarded in March of 2007.
23 #### Research
25 My current research is focussing mainly on [BitTorrent](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent).
26 One aspect I have studied is the effectiveness of the
27 [*rarest-first* policy](http://wiki.theory.org/Availability) to evenly distribute
28 pieces of the download throughout the peers. I have found that the policy is mostly effective at
29 maintaining a near-optimal piece population distribution, though there are some areas for
30 improvement.
32 Using this work, I am currently working on a design for a new BitTorrent client that will
33 maintain the interoperability with all current clients, but will allow for the download to be
34 streamed to the user sequentially instead of the somewhat-random download that currently occurs.
35 This will require modifying the rarest-first policy to order the downloaded pieces sequentially
36 if the swarm can support it. While it is important to satisfy the user who is viewing the
37 streaming media, the most important consideration is to not sabotage the BitTorrent swarm through
38 the violation of the rarest-first policy.
40 I have also examined the different graph networks formed between nodes in a BitTorrent swarm.
41 Some of the networks I have found to have
42 [small-world characteristics](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small-world_network), while others exhibit
43 only [scale-free behaviour](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scale-free_network). These results
44 indicate the effectiveness of the BitTorrent protocol at
45 distributing the download to peers, and the resilience of the swarm to the failures and
46 departures that are common in all peer-to-peer networking scenarios.
48 To simulate and measure BitTorrent swarms, I have been able to use the
49 [PlanetLab](http://www.planet-lab.org/) network, a global co-operative research network in over
50 300 locations around the world that supports the development of new network services. For more
51 information on this research, see my [[PlanetLab]] page.
53 In collaboration with another student, [Xu Cheng](http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~xuc/personal/), we have
54 studied the video sharing site [YouTube](http://www.youtube.com). This new type of video
55 distribution has not seen much research yet, and we find some interesting differences between it
56 and traditional video distribution. My work focussed mostly on the social networking aspect of
57 YouTube, which is unique to YouTube. The results showed that YouTube videos form a
58 [small-world network](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small-world_network), which suggests that
59 videos are strongly correlated with each other, which can be used to develop interesting caching
60 or peer-to-peer distribution strategies for them.
62 #### Publications
64 The following papers have been submitted and accepted to conferences:
66 * "A Measurement Study of Piece Population in BitTorrent"
67 * Authors: **Cameron Dale**, Jiangchuan Liu
68 * Accepted To: IEEE Globecom, Washington, DC, USA, November 26-30, 2007
69 * File: [PDF, 68 KB](pieces.pdf)
71 The following papers have been submitted to conferences:
73 * "Understanding the Characteristics of Internet Short Video Sharing: YouTube as a Case Study"
74 * Authors: Xu Cheng, **Cameron Dale**, Jiangchuan Liu
75 * Submitted To: IEEE Infocom, 2008
76 * File: [PDF, 960 KB](youtube.pdf)
78 * "On the Network Topologies Formed in BitTorrent Downloads"
79 * Authors: **Cameron Dale**, Jiangchuan Liu, Bo Li
80 * Submitted To: IEEE Infocom, 2008
81 * File: [PDF, 113 KB](btnetworks.pdf)
84 #### List of Courses Completed
86 <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
87 <tr>
88 <th>Discipline</th>
89 <th>Number</th>
90 <th>Course Name</th>
91 <th>Grade</th>
92 </tr>
93 <tr>
94 <td>Computing Science</td>
95 <td>705</td>
96 <td>Design and Analysis of Computing Algorithms</td>
97 <td>A</td>
98 </tr>
99 <tr>
100 <td>Computing Science</td>
101 <td>740</td>
102 <td>Database Systems</td>
103 <td>A-</td>
104 </tr>
105 <tr>
106 <td>Computing Science</td>
107 <td>765</td>
108 <td>Computer Networks</td>
109 <td>A+</td>
110 </tr>
111 <tr>
112 <td>Computing Science</td>
113 <td>816</td>
114 <td>Theory of Communication Networks</td>
115 <td>A+</td>
116 </tr>
117 <tr>
118 <td>Computing Science</td>
119 <td>880</td>
120 <td>Special Topics: Multimedia & Sensor Networking</td>
121 <td>A+</td>
122 </tr>
123 </table>

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