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1 camrdale 165 [[!meta title="DebTorrent Release 0.1.3 (in package form!)"]]
2 camrdale 68
3     Today I have [released][10] the next version of [DebTorrent][20].
4     This is the first release to be available in a binary package
5     (.deb) form, and most of the changes are related to the packaging
7     I still consider the program to be alpha quality, though all the
8     functionality for a beta release is there, it just needs to be
9     tested (so tell your friends). I run the program daily and use it
10     for my apt-based updating, so I'm pretty sure it works, but there
11     are definitely bugs. If you do find one *please* submit it to the
12     [DebTorrent mailing list][30].
14     The installable binary can be found on the [Alioth project][10], or
15     in my [personal repository][40] which can be added to your
16     sources.list like so:
18     deb http://debian.camrdale.org/ unstable main contrib non-free
20     Once installed, it will start running automatically, and will
21     restart on bootup, so all that is needed is to modify your
22     sources.list files to point them at DebTorrent by prepending
23     localhost:9988 to the mirror name. For example, the entry above for
24     my personal repository would become:
26     deb http://localhost:9988/debian.camrdale.org/ unstable main contrib non-free
28     Here's the changelog:
30     * First debian package release (Closes: #428005)
31     * Cleanup all the configuration options
32     * Add a global config file
33     * Moved all logging to log files
34     * Stopped displaying periodic updates
35     * Added init script and default options
37     [10]: https://alioth.debian.org/frs/?group_id=31109
38     [20]: http://debtorrent.alioth.debian.org/
39     [30]: mailto:debtorrent-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
40     [40]: http://debian.camrdale.org/
42 camrdale 165 [[!tag Debian GoogleSoC]]

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